.Welcome to Day Fifteen of the revamped Art Infliction.

Today is a heavy news day, so let's begin.

First up, the Permanent Mark Monday page has updated and last week's entry from that page has moved to Inflindication.

The G-Status page and Kaycee And The Forefront pages have also updated, and you can find last week's entries from both of those pages on Inflindication as well.

And speaking of Kaycee And The Forefront, you can find the entry on that page in the form of hyperlinked words instead of the unique link that was used the past two weeks.

Spenny has a new product, as the new-look Art Infliction tote bag has been officially approved. You can find that product in our Customized Girl branch.

And speaking of products, our Twitter Tuesday Extension for the Rally Rag has ended.

And finally, McFarland, USA has been enshrined into the Batting A Thousand rankings.

Well, that's all for now.

Thank you and until next time, you have tuned into The Nog.